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...and we've worked with some
big company folks, too.

Here’s what they’re saying...

"Thank you for putting together the lecture last night. It was so good. I think the best thing I have been to in over a year."
"The instructor was really interesting and passionate about the topic!"
"This was tremendous. Jack Zerby, you have bypassed the bullshit. Great presentation. I can't wait to get started."
"Jack was super engaging and was able to use a combination of examples, personal experience and activities to make me think differently."
"Absolutely loved this! More helpful than I could have imagined!"
"The teacher was awesome. Super clear, super fun!"
"Loved it! Clear, concise and informative. Very actionable too. I really enjoyed this class and I highly recommend Jack Zerby's teaching. A+++++"
"Best 2hrs of my week!! I’m tearing through my pitch as I’m sending this text. Look fwd to the recording and the Q&A video."
"I really loved the section on typography and very useful information on grids!"