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A taste of what we’ll cover...

Optimum deck structure
Learn the ideal amount of slides that investors are expecting, borrowing best practice frameworks from top investors like Y Combinator and First Round Capital.
Show don't tell
Humans think in pictures, not words. Learn how to use illustrations, diagrams, and icons to enhance your data to make it more memorable.
Color Hierarchy + Consistency
Using color concepts like brightness, contrast and opacity to prioritize elements and make them "pop", or become more subtle reinforcements.
Visual Hierarchy
Learn how to use visual hierarchy to arrange each element on the page according to its importance. This helps get the most vital points across first.
Grids + Pattern Recognition
Creating order out of chaos through the use the grids, improving legibility, organization and the "pro look" that breeds trust with investors.
Space Hierarchy
White space helps the viewer understand which items are related and which are separate. Learn how to use space to better organize your slide content.


Two hours of actionable in-depth training across four major themes on crafting your winning pitch deck.
Winning slide templates for key slides like traction, competitive landscape, and team.
Dozens of recommended resources and tools like stock imagery, illustrations, and fonts.
$195 one-time + optional quarterly membership


"Master Your Pitch" practice sessions led by seasoned entrepreneurs (held 2x/month).
Exclusive live events featuring interviews and workshops with top-tier investors and seasoned entrepreneurs.
Unlimited access for asynchronous Q&A with our pitch deck design & copy experts.

Frequently asked questions

I'm not a designer. Is Design For Decks for me?
Absolutely! The Design For Decks masterclass endeavors to guide founders, marketers and other professionals without any prior design experience to build highly-compelling, winning pitch decks which get maximum leverage out of design.
Do I need to use specific pitch deck software?
Nope! All principles taught in the masterclass can be applied in Pitch, Canva, PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, etc., so that you can work in the environment most comfortable to you. We also help you understand the pros and cons of the various software options.
What will I learn in the masterclass?
The masterclass covers four major themes, which are messaging, platform, design, and delivery. Each section contains dozens of actionable tips pulling from a variety of disciplines, including storytelling, psychology, and design, covering topics such as deck structure, slide types, layouts, colors, fonts, imagery, and consistency.
What's included with the masterclass?
Following registration, you will receive access to the full masterclass in a series of pre-recorded videos for you to watch at your convenience. In addition, you will receive unlimited access to supplemental materials including winning slide templates for key slides, a detailed pitch checklist for preparation and presentation, recommended pitchdeck structures from top investors, and more.
How long is the training?
The 2-hour masterclass guides you through the entire deck-building process, from investor friendly messaging, to narrative-enhancing design fundamentals, to delivery tips and best practices. In addition, we provide supplemental assets, guides, and resources to make the process effective, efficient, and to help you produce high-quality professional decks.
How can I get my questions answered?
We're currently building out our community Membership (launching Fall 2021) which will include live unlimited Q&A for our network of copywriting and design experts. In the meantime, don't worry... we won't leave you hanging! As a masterclass participant, you can simply email us and one of our experts will answer in a timely manner.