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Make your problem more specific, and painful, with charts or data points to back it up
Try changing the format on this to a clear problem statement, then 3 clear data points to emphasize that statement
It took me about 3 minutes of reading this slide until I understood what's going on
Can we create consistency across the UX shots? Same angle, no shadow, more spacing

Exceptional founders know that expert pitch feedback is critical

Elie Venezky
Founder of Biometric Edge
“...a goldmine of information... both detailed and big picture feedback... helped me make big strides to getting pitch-ready”
Daniel Sakhai
CEO of HeyHire
"...insightful and necessary feedback on our investor deck... very happy with the results. Investors gave great feedback as well!”
Henrik Grunfeld
”...reviewed with meticulous attention to detail, slide by slide... I presented the deck to a VC where it was received positively."
Peter Antonov
4x Founder
"Sam is one of the greatest pitching minds in the world! And not in a salesy way. He's just incredibly empathetic...”
Yoni Belson
Co-Founder @ 100x Labs
“Best $150 I've ever spent!.. Your attention to detail and the actionable advice you've offered have far exceeded expectations...“
...plus dozens more!

Pitch Deck Roast (48-Hour Delivery)


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Your deck was better before? We will refund you 100%.
Actionable feedback on key areas your deck needs improvement including messaging, design, and more.
48-hour delivery: No more waiting for your VC friend to get back from their winter ski trip.
​​Bonus: Curated resources to help guide you through pitch deck building and fundraising.
Optional: Discounted follow-up review for just $100 after you’ve applied our feedback.
Free pitch deck building masterclass with purchase

Sam Eisenberg,
Pitch Specialist

Every founder I meet shares the same experience: Crafting a deck consumes countless hours, sidetracking you from building your business
I help our high-impact founders and investors. Our decks have helped businesses we work with raise upwards of $2 billion
I mentor in top founder communities. 5-star mentor in founder communities including GrowthMentor & Founders Institute
My greatest pride is helping founders succeed. From European tech conference keynotes to invites from prominent organizations such as LinkedIn and Founders Institute, my pitch deck tips & advice have reached over 200k people

Frequently asked questions

Will you sign an NDA?

Here’s the truth: we have never and will never share any of our client’s decks without their explicit written permission to do so. But if it will make you more comfortable, you are more than invited to send an NDA to team@designfordecks.com and I’d be happy to sign in.

How do we submit our deck? How will we receive the feedback?

If you used Figma, Google Slides, or another collaborative software, you have the option to upload a link and we will leave feedback right inside your presentation.
If you send us a PDF/PPT of your deck, we will send you an email with bulleted feedback covering your overall deck and specific slides or elements.

Why do you keep saying “we” if Sam will be roasting my pitch deck?

Sam is co-founder at Design For Decks and will personally be roasting your deck; but his knowledge is drawn from the Design For Decks Team, experiences of founders and investors we work with, conversations with fundraising experts, and more. Pitch decks are not a perfect science, but our deck philosophy is gleaned from successful fundraising experiences and lessons learned from proven experts with winning track records then distilled so we give you actionable advice to significantly improve your pitch deck.

How does your satisfaction guarantee work?

We are confident that our feedback will be helpful and actionable- no matter what stage of ready your deck is at. But, if you feel your deck is so perfect that our feedback is not bringing you any closer to a successful raise, then we will gladly refund your money. Please just let us know within 7 days of delivery.

Will you intro us to investors or other potential partners?

We have done this numerous times, but generally speaking, this is not the case. If you select this option on our onboarding form, we will be happy to keep you in mind for any relevant opportunities. We will only connect you to investors or potential partners when we believe there is a strong potential for alignment and after receiving interest from both parties in us doing so. We do not take any fees, commissions, or otherwise for this service.

What type of feedback can I expect?

Our feedback is personalized to your pitch deck and needs. We will give both big picture and detailed feedback. We will provide feedback on structure, design, messaging, and more, depending on priority. Most importantly, we will provide you actionable feedback and in a manner you can consume it along with resources to help you bring your deck closer to perfection. We will provide feedback on various areas of improvement with a specific focus on key items that may prevent you from raising.

Do I need to use specific pitch deck software?

Nope! While we strongly recommend using software that is built for collaboration and allows you to keep a live version (i.e. not PowerPoint or Keynote), we will roast your deck in any format you send it.

Do you guarantee a successful raise after you review our deck?

If you give us 6 weeks to do due diligence, then we’d be happy to consider it ;-)
In all honesty, your pitch deck is one key component of your raise. But the best pitch deck without an investable company behind it, will usually not result in a successful raise. We cannot guarantee investment but do guarantee your deck will be far better after instituting our feedback.

I’m still early in my pitch deck process, is it a good time for a review?

If your have finished your v1 and all your content is in place, then it would be a great time to get feedback. Getting feedback earlier in the process will help you save a lot of time, frustration, and energy in your coming iterations.